What Makes Our Beef the Best?

Family Owned and Operated

Scott Bell has raised cattle and horses throughout his life but has worked in construction (Bell Construction Inc.) for almost 50 years, with his wife Patti helping every step of the way. He “retired” in 2015 and started a cattle ranch. Since 2018, he has been breeding his own Black Angus cows with Stabilizer bulls.

Scott’s youngest son, Kasey Bell, decided to jump into the game in 2020. Kasey, his wife Taryn, and daughter Laika moved to Cortez from Arizona and got to work! Kasey is now a partner in the Bell Beef company and has assumed the position of Ranch Foreman. Taryn quickly drew up the Bell Beef logo, which incorporates the Bell Ranch brand.

We hope you all enjoy this premium beef as much as we do!

Utilizing Benefits from Multiple Breeds

Our cattle are a composition of Angus, Simmental, Hereford and Gelbvieh, getting the best genetics out of each breed. We cross those composite bulls with pure Black Angus and composite mother cows, resulting in a very healthy herd. This breed has proven to be a very consistent and high quality beef

Premium Feed for Premium Cattle

Just like different breeds of cattle providing different benefits, the food they consume is a very important key to how well our product turns out. We have the advantage of higher elevation pastures which provides a higher level of protein for our cattle. This keeps them fat and happy and healthy while grazing large open pastures.